OLYA presents a collection of high-quality dancing shoes handmade in the luxury footwear region Marche in Italy. The label aims at filling a gap in the market for luxury, yet comfortable high-heeled shoes which feature exclusively designed insoles to provide with better support for the foot arch. My special shoes instantly create a polished look, as they are designed for women like me, who struggle to find sophisticated accessories, that complement their favorite garments, elevate their casual look or harmonize with their party or even wedding dress!


Reflecting the mood of tango, OLYA shoes are perfect for dancing tango, salsa, bachata, kizomba, any dance! Reflecting the life and aspirations of a tango dancer, the label combines fine Italian artisanal shoe craft and thoughtfully chosen details and designs.




My name is Olya and I have been dancing as long as I can remember. Folk dance as a child, flamenco and a bit of ballet, and later tango which has become my true passion. Designing tango dresses has grown into another passion of mine. Custom-made “Pelirroja” dresses are known all around the world. I call them “highly embraceable”, and if to believe my gorgeous clients I managed to prove they really are! So, the birth of a shoe label was also inevitable. I have decided to give it my own name - OLYA, diminutive of Olga. Shall I also call my shoe creations "highly danceable", I probably should!


For me as a woman and as a dancer, shoes must be a luxury accessory, and as comfortable as only possible. That’s why I have created shoes that have fresh design and high demands to stability, required by professional dancers. My goal is to add you charm, style and confidence on the dance floor, make step easier and lighter, night – longer, smile – brighter.

OLYA shoes has embodied all my personal dreams and aspirations about perfect shoes. They are for any woman who wants to feel ravishing and comfortable in heels, whether it is her wedding, birthday party, or milonga. OLYA shoes are for you who want to dance all night long, either it is tango, or bachata, salsa, you name it! No matter what you dance or if you dance at all –OLYA will make your walk lighter and every step as elegant as possible!



OLYA shoes are made by hand.


I design shoes on the slow fashion principle which means I produce timeless editions with focus on quality. I have chosen to support small businesses and that is why I am producing my germs in Marche region of Italy, known for its artisanal shoe craftsmen. The craftsmen who are making OLYA shoes are truly passionate about their work and have decades of experience in luxury shoe-making.


OLYA shoes are built on Italian lasts that I have further developed for dancers’ feet as well as added ergonomically fitted insoles for foot support. The lasts I have chosen, are created to ensure a beautiful shape, fit and feel.


I have designed OLYA shoes with luxury look and great comfort in mind.


My first addition is coming out soon in spring 2020!



On each sole this little beautiful insect is printed, simply because I believe it brings luck.  ​





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